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The Ladder Safety Rest Story

Our family owned businesses, Apollo Quality Buildings and Brown Builders, have served the Middle Georgia area for over four generations. Led by our father, Terry Brown, we have developed a product that can save lives all over the world.

As a young man, our dad witnessed a fatal fall from a ladder that stayed with him for life. Working side by side with our dad, we received daily reminders of the hazards of using ladders. Out of that concern for our safety, he developed the Ladder Safety Rest which we have used on our jobs for years.

When it comes to construction and roofing, ladders are dangerous but also necessary. The Ladder Safety Rest can give you the security to know that you can climb with confidence. Climb on America!

  • Easy Installation

    The base plate includes 8 pre-drilled mounting holes. Spaced 8″ apart for easy installation on 16″ and 24″ roof joists.

  • Quality Materials

    Made from powdercoated #300 flex steel with handle grips for additional safety

Proudly Made in the U.S.

Quality construction, powdercoated #300 flex steel

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